miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012


Beach Ball Math

Get kids moving -- and practicing basic math processes -- with this versatile ball-toss game.

The skills it builds:  addition and multiplication
What You Need
  • Beach ball
  • Marker
  • Small adhesive labels
  1. First, decide on a function to practice — addition or multiplication — and a set of numerals to work with — numbers 1 through 9 for young kids, larger numerals for older children. Write the numbers on small adhesive labels and stick them onto a beach ball, one per section, as shown.
  2. Two or more players stand facing each other. The first player catches the ball and calls out the number where his right thumb lands. He then tosses the ball to another player, who does the same, then tosses it. The next player catches the ball, then must add or multiply the two numbers, calling out the solution. She then tosses the ball to another player, and the game starts over.

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