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Fantastic Floating Orb

Fantastic Floating Orb

This gravity-defying trick is truly electrifying!

  1. nullWhat to do: Hold the strands of tinsel together and knot them at one end, as shown.
  2. null Measure 6 inches and tie a second knot. Use scissors to trim the excess tinsel on each end.
  3. Vigorously rub the PVC pipe against your hair or a wool sweater to build a static charge. Hold up the charged pipe and drop the tinsel over the end.
  4. The payoff: When the tinsel touches the wand, the static charge will make it expand into an orb and hover midair. By moving the wand, you can control the floating orb.


    Frozen Fingers - Image Collection

    No need to wait for the mercury to drop. In just a few minutes, you can frost a friend's hand.
    1. nullWhat to do: Ask a friend to shake your hand and to squeeze it tightly for about three minutes, as shown. As he does, egg him on to squeeze harder. Tell him you feel his hand getting as cold and hard as ice.
    2. null When the time's up, have him let go just enough for you to slip out your hand. Tell him again that his fist is ice-cold, then blow on it a few times to reinforce the idea. After a few seconds, tell him his hand has frozen solid.
    3. The payoff: Watch him struggle to unclench his hand, as if trying to unthaw it.


      Disappearing Dime - Image Collection

      What You Need
      • small glass
      • white paper
      • glue stick
      • dime or another coin
      • large cloth napkin
      1. nullBeforehand: Trace the rim of the glass on white paper. Cut out and glue the circle over the opening of the glass, as shown at right. Arrange the coin and glass on a sheet of white paper as shown above.
      2. nullWhat to do: Tell your audience you have a magic napkin that makes money disappear. Cover the coin and glass with the napkin, as shown. Pick up the glass with the napkin still covering it and place it over the coin.
      3. null Wave your hands over the napkin as if to cast a spell, then remove the napkin.
      4. The payoff: Observe their amazement when they see the coin is gone!
      5. Bonus: To make the coin reappear, put back the napkin and move the glass off the coin. Wave your hands over the napkin, then remove it to reveal the coin.

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