jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


Ya faltan sólo seis días para que podamos disfrutar de la obra de Pinocchio en la Sala Borja.
A continuación os dejamos un mini resumen del cuento, elaborado por los alumnos de 2º de EP.


By: Marta 

Geppeto is working on his workshop. 

By: Aless, Luis B., Fernando, Rebeca, Marina.

By: Adriana, Rablo R., Pablo a., Pelayo y Andrea.

Geppetto: AaaaaH! I am very tired. Today I worked hard.Time to go to sleep.
Thank you Pinocchio. If you were a real boy, a real boy.....

By: Angel

The fairy godmother Sophie says Pinocchio:
 Come alive!!!

By: Paula M., Jimena G., Paula C., Alberto, Nicolás y Luis F.

Sophie: You should always tell the truth, because if you lie your nose will grow and grow.

By: David L., David P., Daniel, Nerea, Marina y Victoria.

Geppetto is very happy: "I have to teach you a lot, Pinocchio!"
While Geppetto and Antonietta are speaking, Pinocchio steals an apple.

By: Sofía.

Geppetto: " Well, take this sandwich for lunch, and this book, now you have to go to school."
Pinocchio walks looking around curiously. There are two arrows in the street: FUN and SCHOOL.

By: Coral


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